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Alixa Sutton is a flexibility expert with over 10 years of experience working with all different types of athletes from all over the world, including artistic gymnasts, rhythmic gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders, synchronized swimmers, trampolinists, contortionists, ice skaters, equestrians, circus artists, pole fitness, parkour, sports acro, equestrians and horses, and divers.

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Alixa has worked for Cirque du Soleil on "Kooza" as a choreographer, trainer and creator, Cavalia on "Odysseo" as an Equestrian Performer, as an independent Swinging Trapeze Solo Artist, the creator of the "Mystic Pixies" the first US kids Contortion troupe, and now she travels all over the world giving workshops and lectures. She has given seminars or workshops for the USA National Gymnastics Congress, Alberta Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, BC Synchronized Swimming Association, Ontario Gymnastics Coaching Congress, Alberta Tumbling & Trampoline Association, US World Championship Vaulting Team, Le Ecole National du Cirque, USA National Rhythmic Team, SF Ballet members, American Youth Circus Organization, and hundreds of individual facilities & clubs. In her work, she uses all non invasive stretching that can be done at home. It gets results fast, often an instant result.

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Alixa is a former Rhythmic Gymnastics Trainer at national level and a Contortion Trainer for Circus. She developed her techniques for teaching flexibility after seeing so many gymnasts have to quit the sport from injuries due to improper stretching or lack of stretching. Alixa created her program with a unique blend of non invasive stretching techniques from studies of Russian and Chinese techniques, sports physical therapists, circus, Pilate's, sports doctors, flexibility studies, and working with thousands of athletes from various sports, and she is constantly creating new material!

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Alixa also does choreography for acrobatic, circus numbers, and competitive gymnastics. She has choreographed numerous television specials, and well as full shows and special event galas. Some events include…

Cirque du Soleil "Kooza" *M'Azing M & M Candy Commercial, TV
Warner Brothers Entertainment *Steve Harvey's Big Time, TV
Google *US Olympic Trails
Premier Rampe, Monte Carlo *I Shares Commercial Series
CN Tower, Guniess Book World Records Event
Microsoft International Alliance *Eye on the Bay, TV
Chevron *Napa Valley Opera House
E-Bay 10th Anniversary *Asian Art Museum
Megan Mulally Show, TV *Santa Rosa Symphony
Grand Prix Champ Car Unveiling


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